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Sevilla chief Monchi: I had to back my judgment to sign Lenglet


Sevilla sports chief Monchi admits Tottenham defender Clement Lenglet is one of his best signings.

Monchi signed Lenglet for €4.5m from Nancy before selling him to Barcelona for €36m. He has since been sent on-loan to Spurs.

He said, "You look at France, you see great teams, all with potential and you find Lenglet in the second division.

"Pepe Castro, president, came to ask me about the signing. 'Don't the rest see it?', he told me. I told him that for me he was great and in the first training sessions we already saw his potential.

"Many times now I ask my team if they believe that the talent they have seen is real, because sports directors sin by wanting to invent, we have to make sure of everything before carrying out an operation.

"Now that we are living in a bad moment, you have to learn to live with it. Now when I walk my dogs in the morning, people don't say good morning to me, they tell me to sign a striker, or to bring a midfielder in. You have to live with the pressure of the people, the press, the coach himself, the board of directors.

"Trying to survive the pressure is one of the hardest things to not make decisions that you later regret."

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