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Business as usual' - Liverpool chairman Tom Werner provides update on FSG's potential sale of the club

Liverpool chairman Tom Werner says his company Fenway Sports Group are in no rush to find a new buyer for the Reds.

FSG had opened the door to a potential sale earlier this month, but Werner quelled any notion of a deal being completed anytime soon on Friday. The company's second-largest shareholder insisted that, despite a plethora of interest from external buyers, they were in no rush to sell Liverpool, either as a football team or outright.

 "We’re exploring a sale, but there’s no urgency, no time frame for us," Werner said. "As far as I’m concerned, it’s business as usual. One outcome could be our continued stewardship for quite a while.”

His statement comes just a day after FSG partner Sam Kennedy revealed that ”there has been a lot of interest from numerous potential partners considering investment into the club", although he admitted that "it is early days in terms of exploring possibilities for possible investment into Liverpool."

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