Norris on 'Nerve-wracking' battle with Verstappen and Confidence in McLaren

Lando Norris says he will try to work out a way to prevent another on-track clash with Max Verstappen following their collision while battling for victory at the Austrian Grand Prix.

“We want to race hard and we both know that,” the McLaren driver said in an exclusive interview with BBC Sport before this weekend’s British Grand Prix.

“But we definitely don’t want things ending like they did. We want to make sure we avoid that in the future.”

Norris and Verstappen collided with six laps to go in Sunday’s race at the Red Bull Ring. After several laps of on-the-edge racing, in which both ended up off track at times, they touched when Verstappen moved over on Norris, who was going for a move on the outside. The incident ended Norris’ race, and Verstappen dropped back to fifth at the finish.

Norris was critical of Verstappen after the race, accusing the Red Bull driver of being “a little bit desperate” and changing his line while in the braking zone - against the rules in F1 because of the dangers involved.

Speaking in the McLaren factory a couple of days after the incident, Norris says the pair have been in contact - and will be so again for a more extensive clear-the-air conversation.

“We’ve texted,” Norris says. “We’re going to have a chat, of course, because I think it’s the correct thing to do. But apart from that, what we talk about and how things go is between us.”