Brighton Owner wants PL clubs to stick to rules

Brighton owner Tony Bloom has called on rival clubs to stop breaking spending rules to end the points deduction farce.

Everton were deducted eight points last season and Nottingham Forest four after they breached profit and sustainability regulations (PSR).

A total of £245m was spent around 30 June - described as the 'unofficial transfer deadline day' - as clubs dealt with the end of one accounting period and the start of another.

It will now be several months before the Premier League confirms if any clubs were not compliant with spending rules and have been charged.

Promoted Leicester are already facing the prospect of sanctions after exceeding loss limits over a three-year period through to the 2022-23 campaign, when they were relegated.

Brighton have no PSR concerns after making a record £122.8m profit last season, which allowed the club to reduce the balance on their owner's interest-free loan to £373.3m.

Bloom is uncomfortable about the situation the Premier League has found itself in. But he doesn't think there was an alternative.

"I don't like the idea of clubs having points deducted in the middle of the season," Bloom said. "However, if rules have been broken the Premier League has to apply the rules.

"It would be much better if clubs didn't put the Premier League in the situation where points deductions are necessary."

Current PSR rules will stay in place for the coming season, with an alternative 'anchoring' cost control system operating in shadow form before, potentially, being introduced in 2025-26.

That, together with Manchester City's legal challenge over associated party transactions (APT) which has divided clubs, talks being halted over a 'New Deal' for funding with the EFL and the likelihood of a Football Regulator being introduced,means the Premier League is in uncertain times.

"The Premier League is in a superb position but there are some issues, which hopefully will get resolved over the next one or two years," Bloom said.

"For us, it is background noise. The 30 June situation is weird and with the new rules, that won't be happening again.

"We know what we need to do and we don't let that [other issues] affect us."