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Dugarry slams Deschamps; urges France to turn to Zidane


France World Cup winner Christophe Dugarry admits he'd like good friend Zinedine Zidane to take charge of Les Bleus.

The former Real Madrid coach has been linked with the job, though Didier Deschamps appears set to remain in charge.

Dugarry complained: "This is not the subject. That there are five years, ten years, fifteen more years left, it's not my problem, it's not up to me to decide. I do not hide that I would prefer it to be Zizou, I want to see something else. Deschamps, I hear what he says, but we cannot say that the French team belongs to everyone and keep it for twelve years, especially when you have a possible successor who has won the Champions League three times in a row and who can bring something to the French team. In absolute terms, moreover, that does not concern me.

"You can never talk about football. Don't do it when you win, like in 2018, on the theme 'I don't care, I won', okay, eventually, but when you lose, you have explanations, you have a debate, at least on the preparation of the match. Wasn't the speech heard? Did they think the 'DD cat' and a Mbappé hit would be enough to win? I dare not even imagine what we would have taken in 1998 if we had done eighty minutes like that in the final of the World Cup.

"The Argentines, we blew them up in five minutes like popcorn. They wre weaker than us, it was a gift to play against them. There was no fully managed match, but we are used to it now, for twelve years (10 in reality), it is part of the Deschamps style where only the result counts."

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