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Liverpool boss Klopp: I'm not against spending on Bellingham


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp was pushed about signing Borussia Dortmund midfielder Jude Bellingham today.

Klopp, with Liverpool going to Aston Villa on Monday, was asked about buying Bellingham in January.

He said: "I am the wrong person to ask, I don't know. January in our situation is a window where we are always prepared, that's how it is.

"It's clear what ideas we have and how the necessity is from our point of view. All the rest doesn't lie 100% in our hands. We always work with what we have got and that will not change.

"I don't know about what amount of money you need exactly but I am not against investment to be honest.

"We will see what the future brings. Nobody knows in the moment but I'm convinced it will be good and the future is bright for us. At the moment we have to sort the present and that is what we are working on."

On sporting director Julian Ward leaving, he added: "It was a surprise when Julian told me but we work completely normal together until that day he will leave. He is 100% committed and everything is fine. It will have no impact on this period, not at all."

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