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Bournemouth manager O'Neil eager to buy with Foley in charge

 Bournemouth manager Gary O'Neil is hoping to add some depth to his squad in the upcoming transfer window.

The club has a new owner in Bill Foley, who has laid out his plans to bolster the first team squad with four or five new players.

O'Neil knows they face a battle to avoid relegation, and that adding quality starters and depth options will improve those chances.

Asked about the owner being ready to spend money, per the Daily Echo, head coach O'Neil said: “I don't feel any pressure from that

“I think we have a fantastic recruitment team, we will have plans in place to make sure that we strengthen in the right areas.

“I think it's really important to note that the group we've already got have been excellent – really, really good, got 16 points on the board and been really competitive.

“But to give them some help, some depth would benefit everybody, I'm sure.

“We'll see what happens in January. As you know, January can be tricky, but let's see what happens."

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