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Ex-Crystal Palace owner Jordan convinced Bruce will retire


Ex-Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan expects that West Bromwich Albion will be the final job of Steve Bruce's managerial career.

The former Manchester United defender has been sacked from another job, this time with the Baggies.

Almost a year after losing his job at Newcastle United, Bruce was given his marching orders, with West Brom third from bottom in the Championship.

“I'd be surprised if it isn't (the end of Bruce's career)," Jordan told talkSPORT.

“I mean, he talked about it potentially being (the case) after the Newcastle job. That might well be because the experience is towards the end when it got very personal with certain sections of the fanbase.

“And then the West Brom job came up and he talked about the opportunity of going to a football club that he could rebuild again. It's very difficult to argue the case for Steve.

“I was arguing in last week's debate about the fact that they were in these games and most of the games they play. They dominate possession, but you can't take a team whose aspiration was to get into the Premier League, put them fourth-bottom in the Championship and expect those above you to remain resolute that you're the right guy.

“I do think that this may well be the closing curtain on an interesting managerial career. It started off with people being accusatory of his loyalty towards bouncing between jobs, then an altercation with me, then some success with Birmingham, then becoming a person that gets your team out of the Championship and into the Premier League, then doing well with Sunderland… and now we've now got this. Ultimately, it probably is (the end for Bruce) in this country."

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