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LaLiga: FIFA has shown 'complete disregard' with World Cup changes

FIFA has shown "complete disregard" for the importance of national competitions by approving a 32-team Club World Cup and an expanded World Cup, according to LaLiga.

Ahead of its congress in Kigali, Rwanda, FIFA announced on Tuesday that the 2026 World Cup will have 104 matches instead of the current 64 games due to the expanded format with 48 teams taking part.

The governing body also greenlit an enlarged Club World Cup which will be played every four years from June 2025.

But the decisions were criticised by LaLiga, with the Spanish top flight saying: "FIFA continues its malpractice of making unilateral decisions on the world football calendar, showing complete disregard for the importance of national championships and the football community in general.

"FIFA completely neglects the economic damage these decisions inflict on leagues around the world. Leagues were not consulted about any of the changes presented today, especially about the new annual club competition.

"These decisions do not take into account the competitive, sporting and economic impact on national leagues, clubs and players by further cramming an already overloaded schedule. FIFA only takes into account a small group of clubs and players."

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