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Wiegman: Lionesses want to break all the records and win the World Cup

England manager Sarina Wiegman said it will be tough for her team to top an unbeaten 2022 in which they won the women's European Championship - but will ensure they step things up in their bid to win the World Cup next year.

England have not lost in 26 games since Wiegman took charge in September 2021. The Lionesses qualified for the World Cup in New Zealand and Australia with a 100 per cent record and beat reigning world champions the United States at Wembley earlier this year.

"You can't beat that - you can only get equal on that," Wiegman told reporters at Wembley

"We want to win every game, but we talk about how we can improve the next game... Of course, we want to break all the records, but breaking a record doesn't say what you have to do.

"How do we stick together as a team? I truly believe that's where it starts. The players feel very comfortable with that way of approach. At the moment it works really well and they feel really comfortable. You can tell because we are enjoying ourselves - and winning helps."

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