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O'Neill hails Guardiola impact at Man City


Former Celtic boss Martin O'Neill has spoken about the influence of current Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola.

O'Neill played 16 games for the Sky Blues when he was a player, leaving the club after a single season.

Eventually, he became a manager with a glittering career, coaching the likes of Leicester City and Aston Villa.

Asked about the influence of Guardiola on current coaches, O'Neill told the City website: “Pep has earned the right to be the master of the football club. But I think it probably helped at the start when he stepped into the club, he was much admired and wanted badly by the owners of the club, they were prepared to back him so he had that right from the beginning as I had.

“When someone like Dermot Desmond, the major shareholder at Celtic, says 'I want you to take ownership of the club', it's a glorious feeling that you know the manager is actually in charge.

“Pep has earned the right to be in charge of the football club and earned the right to run the football club in the manner he sees fit.

“Success comes from that, it comes from knowing that you have the backing of the people behind you, that they will back you the whole way.

“You'll have the odd disappointment. I know Man City don't have the Champions League at this minute but that looks as if it could happen any given year. They've been unlucky at certain times.

“But overall, to know you have that backing, it does give you that power.

“Look at Alex Ferguson, Brian Clough, Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp. If you have it, you feel you are in control and that's very, very important.

“Winning trophies are the defining moments – you know that the control has been well merited."

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