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World Cup: Carragher names England among eight countries to win trophy in Qatar


Former Liverpool defender, Jamie Carragher has named England among the eight countries he feels could win the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

He also revealed his ‘big concern’ for his country, England.

The second round of group stage matches starts today with England, Spain and France impressing in the first round and Argentina and Germany suffering shock defeats.

Giving his verdict on the 2022 World Cup, the Premier League legend told Sky Sports that the 2022 World Cup is a different ball game.

He noted that before every World Cup, two teams usually stand out as favourites to clinch the trophy but not this time around.

“There doesn’t feel like there’s one outstanding team in this era in the same way we’ve had Spain and France before,” he said.

“England are in a group of six to eight teams who on any given day could beat each other. I feel it could be really open.

“I feel someone could win it who we didn’t expect before the tournament. I feel it could be really open,” he added.

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