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Man Utd Supporters Trust welcome Glazers' sale plan


The Manchester United Supporters Trust (MUST) has welcomed news the Glazer family has set wheels in motion regarding the sale of the club.

The unpopular American owners - who have faced significant fan opposition during their tenure - sensationally announced on Tuesday that they would be willing to sell the club after 17 years in charge.

The announcement has been welcomed by the club's supporter group – but has been met with caution as they look for the right investment after nearly two decades of "decline".

"The statement last night from Manchester United, that the club is up for sale, confirmed information we'd been hearing over recent days," the statement read.

"Over the last 17 years Manchester United fans have been dismayed with the ownership of the club. Over that period, we have witnessed a decline on the playing side and a decline in our stadium.

"Until recently, any proper dialogue with fans groups had also been absent. Whilst supporters have long called for change, of course this has to be the right change.

"At this moment in time our club needs new investment more than ever. That requires new ownership.

"Any prospective new owner or investor has to be committed to the culture, ethos and best traditions of the club. They have to be willing to invest to restore United to former glories, and that investment must be real new money spent on the playing side and the stadium.

"Finally any new ownership structure must embed supporters, including a degree of fan share ownership, in their operating model. Manchester United's fans are its greatest asset and hold the key to unlocking the true value of any football club.

"That relationship has to be one of equals - sharing in ownership and and unified with the same goals."

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