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Joe Cole issues strong warning to Chelsea coach, Potter

Former Chelsea player, Joe Cole, has sent a strong warning to manager Graham Potter that ‘the challenges will come in the new year’ for the Blues.

Potter has enjoyed a good start at Stamford Bridge since he replaced Thomas Tuchel in September.

The Englishman is yet to lose a match at Chelsea.

Following Tuesday’s Champions League 2-1 win at Red Bull Salzburg, Chelsea have five more matches before the season is put on hold for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

“He has come into the club, he has given everyone a fresh start,” Cole told BT Sport when asked about Potter’s first few matches in charge.

“Players like Kepa, he’s come into the fold. For me, the first ten games were the danger for Potter.

“The challenges will come in the new year, when he gets to the business end [of the season] when he starts to settle on a team.

“But he has done so well with managing the squad in these early stages, while still getting results. That’s very difficult.”

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