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If you're born a man, you should play men's sports' - NBA legend, Matt Barnes weighs in on transgender athletes row

NBA champion, Matt Barnes has weighed into the ongoing transgender athlete's row, saying trans women should not be allowed to compete in women's competitions.

 The former basketball player, 42, admitted that he supports the transgender community but said there should be no place for transgender players to compete against women in the WNBA. 

Barnes spoke about transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, who was the first transgender woman to claim a national title in swimming in March, as an example of how the 'whole dynamic' of sport would change if transgender athletes were allowed to compete in women's sports.

When asked about the potential for transgender women to play in the WNBA, Barnes said on Vlad TV: 'I don't like it. Whatever you're born, I feel like you should play in that space. 

'You know, I am pro make your choice, you do you, but sport is different. Sport is a different beast.'

He added: 'If you're born a woman, you should play women's sports, and if you're born a man, you should play men's sports. But if you want to do whatever you want with your life, I respect that, but I think that the sports thing is a little different.'

Barnes said that if a transgender player, who had been born a man, started to compete against women in the WNBA, it would 'change the whole dynamic of the game'.

He added: 'I respect any personal decision that a person might make, but when it comes to sports, I think crossing that line is a line that shouldn't be crossed.'

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