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Human rights activist 'detained' in Qatar after staging LGBT+ protest

Human rights activist Peter Tatchell was detained in Qatar on Tuesday after he staged what his foundation claims to be the first-ever public LGBT+ protest in any Gulf state just 26 days before the World Cup.

The Peter Tatchell Foundation says he was detained for around 40 minutes outside the National Museum of Qatar in Doha after staging the one-man protest. They say he has now been released.

Mr Tatchell was holding a placard reading: "Qatar arrests, jails & subjects LGBTs to 'conversion'" whilst wearing a t-shirt with the hashtag: #QatarAntiGay.

Speaking shortly before his protest, Mr Tatchell said: "I did this protest to shine a light on Qatar's human rights abuses against LGBT+ people, women, migrant workers and liberal Qataris. I am supporting their brave battle against tyranny.

"FIFA has failed to secure change in Qatar. There have been no legislative reforms on LGBT+ or women's rights. Improvements for migrant workers have been patchy at best. FIFA is letting Qatar evade many of its pledges when it was granted the right to hold the World Cup."

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