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​Vydra confirms Burnley exit after 'minimal negotiations'


Former Burnley star Matej Vydra has announced his departure from the club.

The forward thanked the club's fans for the support they have given him over the years.

Vydra also admitted that the club made only one offer to keep him this summer.

The 30-year-old hopes that he will be fit to return to football around October.

"I would like to say farewell to my amazing fans who have supported me throughout my time here in Burnley FC," wrote Vydra on Instagram.

"I've been lucky to experience the family atmosphere of the club, great team-mates and outstanding support from our doctors and physiotherapists that have helped me with my injury.

"I've done my very best to play to my fullest potential during the length of my contract, not afraid to risk getting injured even towards the end of this contract. That's just who I am and I wanted to help my club at any cost. Unfortunately during a match against Watford I got seriously injured and the club got relegated to the Championship.

"Yesterday I went to see my brilliant surgeon Andy Williams, who was very pleased with my recovery. I am ahead of the estimated recovery time and I was told I could soon be on the field again.

"Negotiations with the club were minimal, I received one offer, which I could not accept. To the club and to the fans, I wish a great season and best of luck."

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