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Almeria coach Rubi happy with Elche point; hopeful registering new signings


Almeria coach Rubi was satisfied after their 1-1 draw with Elche.

However, he feels they did enough to win on Monday night.

Rubi said: "In the second half I have seen Almería closer to being able to win the match than in the first, but we must recognise that Elche have had their chances. It was a very even match, very competitive. We have had opportunities, but Elche has also competed to take the point.

"To be away from home, I think it's one of those games in which you can win. It's true that Fernando has made a very good save. I think the draw is fair, but I think that being away from home, that way we could think about victory.

"The game has had a lot of rhythm, it has gone from less to more and in the second half there have been attacks by both. It is true that at this point in time the players, at this pace, may lack a point to reach the 90 minutes."

Rubi also touched on their problems with registering their new players.

"The news is that we are all pushing hard to be able to register the players. Those not registered are having a position of camaraderie and training to the fullest and we must congratulate them.

"We are pushing to get to Saturday, but I don't know if they will make it. We don't have that many signings left to register. There are still days and I hope it will be resolved."

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