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​Arsenal midfielder Elneny reveals hard-work behind long-range shooting skills


Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny has spoken about the work he has been putting into his shooting.

The Egyptian scored a great goal in a 5-3 win over Nurnberg during a pre-season friendly for the Gunners on Friday.

Arsenal came from two goals down to win the game, and Elneny earned plaudits from fans for his display.

"It's what I love!" he told the club website.

"I love to score from distance. It's what I work on every day in training. After every training, I work on it, when I finish training, I keep shooting from distance.

"Because I know shooting from distance can create a winning [scenario]. If the game is level and we need someone to shoot from outside, they can change the game sometimes. This is what I have to do, work on helping my team in every way."

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