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Premier League clubs and TV broadcasters at loggerheads over training ground vision


Premier League clubs have moved to block vision of training clips for preseason.

The Daily Mail says partners Premier League Productions have requested that sides send them a five-minute compilation of clips from practice sessions which will then be aired to a global audience via the likes of Sky and BT.

But insiders have disclosed that the proposals have already met with resistance before they are to be discussed and potentially voted on at the league's summer summit.

There is a growing frustration among TV partners that clubs - who often post behind-the-scenes training clips such as wonder goals - are keeping engaging sections of content for themselves despite the incredible amounts they spend on rights deals.

Currently, 15 minutes per month are collected from training and handed out to broadcasters. But they feel that is not enough and have requested a five-minute segment every seven days.

"There's a bit of jealousy," a source explained. "The view from the broadcaster is that they spend millions upon millions but end up missing out on some of the best stuff. However, the clubs feel that they only get to film behind-the-scenes content because they have the trust of the players and the staff."

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