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AC Milan legend Albertini: Tonali reminds me of Conte


AC Milan legend Demetrio Albertini admits he's quickly been won over by Sandro Tonali.

Albertini has likened Tonali to former Juventus midfielder Antonio Conte, the current Tottenham manager.

“He reminds me a lot of Antonio Conte," Albertini told La Gazzetta dello Sport. “A midfielder who plays for the team and has top individual traits, he is box-to-box.

“Right now, he is priceless," Albertini added. “First of all because he isn't on the market and also because the season isn't over yet.

“If he wins the Scudetto, the situation could change and his value could even shoot above €50m."

On Milan's title chances, Albertini also said: “Before the match [against Verona] I felt Milan had a little over a 50% of finishing first.

“Now I think we are at a good 60%.

“It will be tough against Atalanta but I see a squad that is ready and aware – and with a lot of quality. Whoever says Milan are the best of worst make me laugh because it isn't like that."

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