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West Ham boss Moyes hopeful of adding to squad in January: But are we ready?

 West Ham boss David Moyes is unsure about the prospect of adding to his squad in January.

Moyes has indicated that no arrivals are imminent and he is not even clear on targets because of doubts around availability.

"I'd love to say yes," he said when asked if the club will be active in the next four and a half weeks. "Do we want to act? Yes we do. Are we ready to act? Probably not. That is not to do with resources but it's to do with availability, generally it looks like a difficult market.

"We say that every year but it feels that way. All I would say is that our last few January windows have seen us get Soucek, Bowen and Jesse Lingard so if I could get anybody that would give us that level of success during the January window it would be seen as a positive."

Then pushed on if he has specific players on a wishlist, he added: "The answer to that is no because there might be people who you want to target but the other clubs don't want to sell them. I've got a player in mind who we would like but the club said they wouldn't sell in January so you've got to wait until the summer. That is why I see a bit more of that in this window than I've seen before. "You don't get the feeling that there are clubs who are desperate for the money as they were this time last year where they needed the money to see them through. I don't see that that desperation is out there so maybe you need to pay over the odds or they are not available. I'd love to be more upbeat but I am being honest and telling you how I see the window. I hope to add but I couldn't guarantee it."

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