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Liverpool boss Klopp talks Tierney clash: Lying was not involved


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp insists he never "lied" when discussing his confrontation with referee Paul Tierney on Sunday.

Klopp spoke today about his clash with Tierney and fourth official John Brooks as he celebrated the winner against Tottenham. There is now an FA investigation underway over Klopp's post-match claims of Tierney saying something untoward to him.

Ahead of tomorrow's clash with Fulham, the German said: "The whole situation shouldn't have happened at all. It was out of emotion, out of anger.

"That's why I celebrated the way I celebrated. There was the situation with the foul with Mo [Salah], it was not a foul in my eyes.

"Then we scored, that should be a moment you should just be happy but unfortunately I was still angry.

"I didn't say anything wrong. I was shouting 'without you'

"I couldn't get close to the fourth official and I didn't want to get close to the fourth official and then I pulled my muscle.

"I tried to calm down, it didn't work and I went into interviews and I said what I said.

"I should have said 'He [Tierney] said it was a red card and I didn't think it was a red card'.

"From that moment I realised I opened a box I didn't want to open.

"I'm sure Paul Tierney is not doing it intentionally but we have a history and we cannot deny that. I am not a resentful person.

"These things have happened in decisive games for us.

"The refs are really angry about the things I said and going off word things like I was lying.

"I shouldn't have said a couple of things but lying was not involved."

He added: “I don't know, it's not in my hands what is going on.

“We won a football game 4-3 in a spectacular manner and the only headlines were about me and I really regret that, it's not necessary and it is not how it should be.

“I have no clue what is happening now. We didn't hear yet from the FA, the refs or anyone else."

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