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You don’t care about your son’s happiness – Bravo slams Ronaldo’s mother over Georgina


Portuguese celebrity, Antonio Bravo has told Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aveiro to calm down and learn how to prioritize her son’s happiness.

Bravo said this while revealing that Mrs Aveiro does not share a healthy relationship with her son’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Ronaldo and Miss Rodriguez have been in a relationship for seven years now and have two children together.

The partners are also co-parenting the other three of Ronaldo’s kids.

However, it is public knowledge that Georgina and Ronaldo’s mother are not the best of friends even though they appear to share a good relationship in public.

And Bravo, on Portuguese show “Em Família”, drew a grimmer picture, accusing the 68-year-old of not prioritising the happiness of her son.

“I think it is a recurring problem, which is the relationship between Dona Dolores and her daughters-in-law…sometimes it cannot be constant, I mean, the son also has the right to be happy,” he said, as quoted by Sportskeeda via Essentially Sports.

“If she’s always having these things with all his girlfriends, it becomes unbearable, and when they look at her, they give up. I think she should calm down a bit, Dolores,” he added.

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