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World Cup: Bastian Schweinsteiger names his two best midfielders


Former Germany international Bastian Schweinsteiger has named two of his best midfielders.

According to Schweinsteiger, he loves watching Portugal and Brazil’s midfielders Bruno Fernandes and Casemiro.

Schweinsteiger, a former Manchester United midfielder, had a remarkable career, winning the World Cup with Germany, eight Bundesliga titles and the Champions League with Bayern Munich.

Schweinsteiger said Fernandes is ‘the brain’ of the operation in the midfield, adding that the Portuguese’s work ethic is an underappreciated part of his game.

Bruno Fernandes was Portugal’s best performer at the World Cup until they were dumped out of the competition by Morocco on Saturday.

“I call him ‘the brain’,’ Schweinsteiger said of Fernandes in an interview with United’s official website.

“Like he literally moves so smart on the field and do you know what, you actually kind of underestimate [his work rate].”

He noted that apart from making assists, scoring goals and making great passes, the Portugal international is working very hard.

“His numbers are high [for the distance] he runs on the field, and I really like watching him because whatever he does, it makes sense,” he said.

“Casemiro is one of the best, definitely in that position, at the moment,” Schweinsteiger added.

“He sniffs the danger quite well and he is a good passer. He scored an amazing goal against Switzerland.”

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