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Tottenham boss Conte unsure of January budget


Tottenham boss Antonio Conte admits he's yet to hear about their January budget.

Conte said he does not know what will be spent by Spurs in January but the most important thing is that everyone is honest about what a club can or cannot do.

"But honestly I don't know this [what the club will do in January]. For sure, the life will always be more difficult in the future. For sure, Tottenham has to have the challenge with a team like Newcastle, also Arsenal," said the Italian.

"Arsenal in the last three or four years, every season they invest money and now we are talking about a really, really good team with a really good coach, but in England it will be really, really difficult in the future and I think in every situation the most important thing is to be honest.

"To be honest with the fans, to be honest with the ambition, not to tell lies or to promise, and this is the right way for every club, because to tell good lies is not good. It's better to be honest, to tell the truth, also if it's a bad truth but to be honest, because honesty will pay always, always."

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