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Fred: I knew Casemiro joining Man Utd months before move

 Manchester United midfielder Fred is delighted Casemiro is now a teammate.

The Brazilian joined his fellow countrymen Antony and Fred at Old Trafford, and the latter has since revealed that he knew Casemiro was leaving Real Madrid to join the Reds before the move was even confirmed

"Everyone knows he is one of the best players there, who has won a lot at Real Madrid in recent years. So he's a very experienced guy," Fred told TNT Sports.

"On the pitch he's a great player and off the pitch he has a huge amount of experience. So he's a guy who adds a lot, both on and off the pitch, he adds a lot in the locker room. And it's a pleasure to be able to play alongside him, these great players here at United."

When United man Fred was asked if he was surprised by Casemiro leaving the Santiago Bernabeu, the 29-year-old admitted that he was slightly shocked by the news at first.

"Man, at first, yes. I found out well before they announced it. A few months before, we had already talked, me and him," Fred replied.

"We had a nice chat, he had asked how it was, I explained everything to him, what was happening at the club, that it was not one of the best moments, but which, as I said, would be a fresh start with the arrival of a new coach.

"And he liked the project, thought it would be a cool project and decided to join us. And as I said, we are on a good path, we are winning some games, we have already beaten some of the big six clubs as well. So, as I said, it's a process and at first we are on the right path."

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