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Fernandes on Man Utd terminating Ronaldo contract: I don't want to take sides


Bruno Fernandes says he doesn't want to take sides after seeing Portugal teammate Cristiano Ronaldo released from his Manchester United contract on Tuesday afternoon.

Fernandes, speaking at his World Cup presser, was asked for his reaction to the news.

He said, "Cristiano did not consult with me.

"It's his personal decision. It involves him and his family. We haven't talked about it. What we're concentrating on is the World Cup. You know, you know how important it is for him and for us to play this competition, it's the dream of every footballer.

"I don't feel uncomfortable, I don't have to choose a side. It has been a privilege to play with Cristiano in the national team and at the club. It was a dream, Cristiano has always been an inspiration to me. It was a dream come true, but nothing lasts forever, it was nice while it lasted. He has made a different decision for his life, for his career and we have to respect him, whether we agree or not.

"This competition is very important to him, he is going to be focused. I don't think what he has done or decided will have any impact on us."

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