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Sevilla president Castro rejects Lopetegui doubters: That's outrageous to me


Sevilla president Jose Castro has rejected doubts over coach Julen Lopetegui.

Local press are questioning Lopetegui's position after a slow start to the season.

But Castro snapped: "That question annoys me, it seems outrageous to me.

"We have absolute confidence in him. He is a coach who has given us a title and has put us in the Champions League for three years. Let's be serious. We cannot talk about kicking Lopetegui out on the second day. We have to be calm. We haven't started how we wanted. This has just started, we're in August."

Of personal critics, Castro also said: "My work is there and the results are there. The president is going to Istanbul to draw for the Champions League.

"It gives us a level of where we are. That we do things well is clear. This tension that there is makes no sense nor is it going to lead to no good."

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