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'They hit him, he gets up’ – Alvaro Recoba names greatest player ever


Former Inter Milan striker, Alvaro Recoba has named Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi as the greatest football player ever.

Recoba said players often hit Messi and he gets up, adding that the Barcelona legend is ahead of football icons, Pele, late Diego Maradona and Ronaldo.

Speaking with Super Deportivo Radio (via MDZ Online), Recoba said, “I did not see Pelé play. I did see Maradona play, but the best of all time is Messi, without a doubt.

“I saw in Messi, a player who 17 years ago was the best in every game. There were extraordinary players, but if they had the number of years that the guy had competing and being the best, no. I would pay a ticket to see Messi every Sunday.

He added, “They hit him, and he gets up. He had to win the Copa América to be recognized because he was down. When thirty or fourty years go by, and they put the steps, he’ll be on top of everyone. Then Maradona, Ronaldo, and a huge number of players are going to come.”

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