PSG Women's star Kheira Hamraoui Puts out Photos of her Bruised Legs after attack by Masked Men

 PSG Women

The Paris Saint-Germain Women's player who was attacked by masked men two weeks ago has revealed the timeline and grim details of her assault with an iron bar. 

Kheira Hamraoui, 31, was dragged out from a car being driven by PSG team-mate Aminata Diallo, 26, and beaten with an iron bar, leaving her with a number of bruises and cuts on her legs which required stitches. 

Her teammate, Diallo was arrested last week on suspicion of organising the November 4 attack on her team-mate, who plays in the same midfield position with her. 

PSG Women

The 26-year-old has since been released from custody and has vehemently denied being part of the attack, calling the allegation a 'perfectly artificial dramatisation.'

French sports paper L'Equipe have released details from the police on how the attack took place, detailing how Diallo drove Hamraoui to and from a team meal in a Toyota Corolla provided by the club, dropping off another player afterwards - Sakina Karchaoui - before the attack began in Chatou, Yvelines.

'My attacker hit me with an iron bar several times. I saw that he was mainly targeting my legs and I was trying to protect myself with my hands,' Hamraoui told police.  

'At that time, I didn't see a weapon. They immediately start yelling: "Open the door! Open the door!" The one on my side grabbed me and pulled me out of the vehicle, before he grabbed a rectangular iron bar that he had hidden in his pants or under his sweater.

PSG Women

'He gave me a first blow from the first moments of the assault to force me out of the cabin. I fell on the road and then on the right side of the road. 

'My attacker hit me with an iron bar several times. I saw that he was mainly targeting my legs and I was trying to protect myself with my hands.

'The scene lasted several minutes, it seemed long to me. Aminata told me it was faster. I think the two individuals fled because cars were coming into the street. 

'They started running in the direction of the traffic. We quickly lost sight of them. I think a car should be waiting for them nearby.'

Hamraoui also refers to hearing the term 'you like to sleep with married men' during the assault, a detail confirmed by Diallo who was being 'detained' by the second stranger throughout the attack.  

After sustaining serious injuries, she was taken to hospital and has been told to stay off work for three weeks but she has reportedly resumed individual training. 

In a new development, former France and Barcelona defender Eric Abidal is reportedly set to be questioned by police investigating the attack

Le Monde claim the attack might have had something to do with alleged relations between Hamraoui and Abidal. 

Le Monde adds that the day after the attack Hamraoui called Abidal up and that investigators have since established that her phone is registered in Abidal's name.  

42-year-old Abidal has been married to his wife, Hayet Abidal, since 2003 and they have five children together. Le Monde say it is possible she could be called upon as a witness. Abidal's lawyer was contacted and said: 'I have spoken with him, but for now I won’t tell you anything at all.'

PSG Women

Diallo, meanwhile, released a statement this week about the allegations: 'Aminata Diallo deplores the perfectly artificial dramatisation of a rivalry between her and Kheira Hamraoui which would justify her taking it out on her team-mate.

'This theory does not correspond in any way to the true nature of their relationship.

'Other much more serious leads are now being looked at by investigators, which do not implicate my client in any way.

'Aminata Diallo regrets the media uproar which had already sentenced her, with no basis, and she would like to emphasise that she will not hesitate to defend her rights through legal action, if necessary, against all defamation.'