Wilder vows to recreate iconic Muhammad Ali KO against Zhang in Saudi tonight

Deontay Wilder wants to emulate Muhammad Ali’s famous KO over Sonny Liston in 1965.

Wilder is considered the most feared puncher in boxing right now and is seeking redemption against Zhilei Zhang this Saturday night on the 5 vs 5 card in Riyadh.

The ‘Bronze Bomber’ has inflicted some highlight-reel KOs throughout his career, and he believes he can recreate Ali’s historic moment in a Middle Eastern masterclass this weekend.

He said at the press conference in Riyadh: “He chose me to become captain and it is a great responsibility that I have accepted with open arms.

“I’m looking forward to proving I have still got what it takes, I have still got the juice.

“I’m going to be like Muhammad Ali did against Sonny Liston, I’m going to stand over his body like 65.

“It’s do or die, I am a warrior with a warrior mindset and a warrior mentality.

“I’m willing to die in the ring for what I believe in, and if a man isn’t prepared to step in with me, he better step out.”

A famous image that will be etched in boxing fans’ minds forever, shows Ali stood over the unconscious Liston, after just a single minute of the opening round.

The so-called ‘phantom punch’ wasn’t without controversy as many believed he hadn’t hit Liston cleanly, but it was Ali’s second consecutive win against the heavyweight great.