Thomas Muller leaves letter for Bayern Munich team


England captain Harry Kane will find a letter waiting for him from Bayern Munich team-mate Thomas Muller when he arrives at England's Euro 2024 base.

Kane has joined up with the England squad for Euro 2024, with the team set to fly out to Germany shortly. The team will be based in Thuringia where the Germany squad have just held a training campaign. While he was there, Thomas Muller wrote a letter to his Bayern team-mate which will be waiting for Kane when he arrives with the Three Lions squad.

Germany's Instagram account showed off Muller writing his letter and sent a message to the England skipper: "Hey England. What‘s up Harry Kane? ✌️ We just finished our 5 days in your future team basecamp here in Thuringia 🇩🇪 Great conditions, very friendly people, and sometimes it‘s even raining 🌧️ Sounds perfect, right? 😉 Have a good time here in Germany! See you at the Euros! 😎"