Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak calls for more 'Sensibility'

Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has called for the Premier League to have more 'sensible' financial regulations and admitted his frustration over the delay in the club's case against the top flight after they were hit with 115 charges.

City, fresh from winning a fourth successive Premier League title, are still awaiting an outcome after allegedly breaching financial rules - allegations which are strongly denied by the club - with a hearing set for November.

If City were to be found guilty following that hearing, which is expected to last six weeks, they could face heavy fines and even the possibility of expulsion from the Premier League.

City have also launched unprecedented legal action against the Premier League over their new financial rules.

The club say the league's Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules are unlawful and are seeking to have them thrown out. They are also claiming damages which some believe could run to tens of millions.

Under APT, introduced following the Saudi-led takeover of Newcastle in 2021, clubs are stopped from inflating sponsorship deals with firms who are linked to their owners. Instead, all deals have to be independently deemed as of 'fair market value' (FMV).

'I think the Premier League got to where it is today by being the most competitive league,' Al Mubarak said, in an interview conducted before news of City suing the competition emerged.

'So, I hope there is a bit more sensibility in regulating. Always a balanced approach is good from all the leagues, be it in England or the rest of Europe.

'I think you won't see the same level as we've seen in the last years, because of the levels of regulations that have come into place over the last 12 months.'

Al Mubarak also revealed he was frustrated with how long it is taking for City to have the chance to prove their innocence, and wants their achievements on the pitch to focus on 'facts' rather than 'claims'.

'Of course, it's frustrating,' he said.

'I think the referencing [of the alleged charges] is always frustrating. Having it being talked about the way it's being talked about.

'I can feel for our fanbase, and everyone associated with the club, to have these charges constantly referenced.

'I think we as a club have to respect that there is a process that we have to go through, and we're going through it.
'It's taking longer than what anyone hoped for, but it is what it is, and I've always repeated, let's be judged by the facts, and not by claims and counterclaims.'