Danny Murphy tells Liverpool who to keep between Van Dijk, Sala

 Former Liverpool midfielder, Danny Murphy has stressed the significance of retaining Virgil van Dijk amidst contract uncertainties surrounding key players at the club.

While both Mohamed Salah and Van Dijk have contracts expiring in 2025, speculation looms over their futures.

With manager Jurgen Klopp’s departure imminent, reports suggest potential exits for both players.

However, Murphy advocates for prioritizing Van Dijk’s retention, emphasizing the critical role he plays in fortifying Liverpool’s defensive line.

Despite Salah’s prowess in goal-scoring, Murphy asserts that Liverpool’s ability to create opportunities mitigates the impact of his potential departure.

In contrast, losing Van Dijk would necessitate finding a new defensive cornerstone, posing a more significant challenge for the club.

He said, as quoted by The Boot Room:

“I actually think the most important signing to keep is van Dijk, I know that sounds a bit silly because of Salah’s goals, but Liverpool don’t struggle to make chances.

“They have obviously in the recent month to six weeks struggled to convert them, of course, we know that but they don’t struggle to make chances. I think van Dijk going would be a bigger blow than Salah,

in my opinion.”