Casemiro hits out at pundits over criticism


Manchester United midfielder, Casemiro has hit out at the “disrespectful” criticism he has been getting at the club this season.

The Brazilian said that his critics have crossed a line lately and does not respect them.

Casemiro told Sky Sports that he was touted as one of the best signings last season.

The former Real Madrid midfielder has not been at the same level he was last season and has seen the worst from pundits.

“You look towards the end of last season, the team was playing well with plenty of positive comments.

“So what happened? I was considered one of the best signings of the Premier League last season, and now I’m not worth anything anymore?

“The criticism is disrespectful. So, when it’s lacking respect, then it’s worrying, and I don’t have to respect that either.

“But there is always going to be criticism in football, especially playing for such a long time, people want to criticise.

“But from the moment when it lacks respect, that’s when you lose my respect.”