Spanish Broadcaster Apologises over Yamal 'Discrimination

Spanish broadcaster Movistar Plus+ has apologised for an "unfortunate" comment about Barcelona youngster Lamine Yamal which prompted a boycott by both his club and opponents PSG after their Champions League quarter-final on Wednesday.

Players from both teams did not talk to reporters from the pay TV platform after Barcelona's 3-2 win in Paris.

The protest came after former Atletico Madrid player and assistant coach German Burgos said Yamal could work "at a traffic light" if things did not go well for him in his career.

The comments were made over images of the 16-year-old juggling a ball with his feet ahead of the match.

Burgos issued a statement apologising, and added he did not intend to offend Yamal.

He said he made a joke to praise the player's skills, and that the comment was not related to ethnicity or social class.

Movistar said in a statement that it "condemns any type of discrimination and won't allow this type of comment" by anyone. It said it will take measures to stop it happening again.