Patrick Mahomes Sr. Formally Indicted on Felony Drunk-Driving Charge After February Arrest

51-year-old former professional baseball pitcher, Patrick Mahomes Sr. has been officially charged for allegedly driving drunk earlier this year, following his indictment for felony DWI by Texas prosecutors.

Mahomes is accused of driving while intoxicated. If convicted, he'll face up to 10 years behind bars as well as a fine of up to $10,000.

The father of Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes, was first arrested in the case in Smith County, Texas back on February 3 just days before the younger Mahomes was slated to play in Super Bowl LVIII.

Authorities alleged that during a routine traffic stop, Mahomes Sr. showed signs of being impaired. They added that he admitted to having a few beers at a bar prior to getting behind the wheel. They also said he had an open, 16-ounce Coors beverage in his center console.

After getting out of jail, Mahomes Sr. who's been previously accused of DWI twice, kept a relatively low profile even when he traveled to Las Vegas to watch his son win the NFL championship against San Francisco 49ers.

While he had suite seats for the game, he was not seen on the broadcast and he was rarely photographed. Mahomes II spoke briefly about his dad's criminal case in the leadup to the Big Game, calling it "a family matter" that he wanted to keep private.