Nigel Winterburn snubs Arsenal, names team to win EPL title


Arsenal Legend, Nigel Winterburn has named Liverpool as the favourite team to win the Premier League title this season ahead of Manchester City and the Gunners.

Winterburn believes the Reds will be crowned champions at the end of the season if they win their remaining matches, adding that Arsenal will have to wait another year to win the Premier League title.

At the moment, Liverpool sits at the top of the Premier League table with two points ahead of Arsenal and three points ahead of Man City.

“I would say Liverpool are favourites to win the title now. They are top of the table and will be champions if they win their remaining games,” Winterburn told Football365.

“Some people will say Manchester City deserve to be favourites because they have won five of the last six titles and as the Reds are the only team that has beaten them in that run, they may be the main two teams in this race.

“While I obviously hope the Gunners come out on top, it might be that they have to wait another year to get over the winning line in the title race.”