Mourinho gives conditions for next managerial job


Jose Mourinho has stated what he wants from his next job in management as he continues to wait for offers.

The 61-year-old, who has been out of work since Roma sacked him in January, has been linked with clubs in the Saudi Pro League, but the Portuguese is eyeing a move to a European side.

He has told The Telegraph his demands from his next job: “The only thing I want is that the targets and the objectives have to be established by everyone in a fair way. I cannot go to a club where, because of my history, the objective is to win the title. No. The only thing I want is that it has to be fair.

“Do you think if I was at a big Premier League club and we were sixth, seventh, or eighth, in the table, I still have a job? What I am saying is that people [should] look at me the way they look at others.

“What is important for me is if the club has objectives and for me to be able to say I am ready to fight for these. I don’t want to say realistic, but [at least] semi-realistic.

“Because when I went to Roma, nobody was dreaming about European Cup finals and we did it. It’s not possible I go to a club that is almost relegated and the objective is to win the Champions League. It’s good but it is not fair.”