Ian Wright names two Man Utd players Rashford doesn’t respect


Arsenal legend Ian Wright has suggested that Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford doesn’t respect the likes of Harry Maguire and Raphael Varane.

Wright said this while speaking with Manchester United legend Roy Keane on the Stick to Football podcast.

“He [Rashford] hasn’t got respect for them [Maguire and Varane]. I don’t think he’s got respect for them,” Wright said.

He added: “He has got experience around him but you’ve got to respect the experience around you, because look at Harry Maguire and what Harry Maguire is going through.

“Yes, you’d like to think Harry can step above that and help the young player through, but man’s got his own problems. And if that was the case, surely he would be helping Marcus.”

Rashford has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for the wrong reasons.

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