Six months! Chelsea star Fernandez reveals injury update


Chelsea midfielder Enzo Fernandez has opened up on the extent of his injury that he recently underwent surgery to solve.

The 23-year-old Argentinian international has revealed that he has been suffering with pain for as long as six months.

Fernandez was having regular injections and taking medication to mask the pain - however the issue worsened over recent weeks and he has since made the decision to undergo surgery to solve it.

Speaking on his personal Instagram account, Fernandez wrote: "I wanted to let you know that my operation was successful, everything went well, thank God.

"I needed to have this surgery, since I had been experiencing pain for approximately 6 months. It was something I could avoid while constantly treating myself with injections and medications.

"But a few weeks ago the pain began to become more and more intense, without any of this having an effect, and it was worse since I trained and played with discomfort, but I did not want to stop being in the games I had.

"Every time I had to play with the Chelsea shirt, like that of the National Team, I always tried to give my best despite all this but I couldn't take it anymore.

Thank you for the messages, the encouragement and your usual expressions of affection. Greetings to everyone, I promise you that I will come back stronger than ever. Take care. EJF. Thank the doctors who took care of me during surgery."