Former Liverpool Midfielder Keita Suspended and Fined by Bremen

Naby Keita will not play for Werder Bremen again this season after being issued with a club suspension and a “significant” fine.

Keita has been banished from first-team training after failing to travel with the squad to Leverkusen when he found out he would not be starting.

A Werder Bremen statement added: "From now on, the 28-year-old will neither train with the team nor spend time in the professional dressing room.

“Naby’s behaviour cannot be tolerated for us as a club. With this action, he let his team down in a tense sporting and personnel situation and placed himself above the team. We can't allow that.

"At this stage of the season we need full focus on the remaining games and a team that is very close together."

Keita joined Bremen in the summer from Liverpool, where he had spent five years and won the Premier League and Champions League among other trophies