Ferdinand reveals Busquets’ comments after Man Utd’s defeat to Barcelona


Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand, has spoken about a moment he experienced with Sergio Busquets during the 2011 UEFA Champions League final against Barcelona.

During the match, Barca took control of the game and won 3-1 against United at Wembley.

Ferdinand revealed that during the game, he had an encounter with Busquets, who suggested that he (Ferdinand) and his defensive partner Nemanja Vidic like playing long balls.

Ferdinand felt embarrassed as a result and wished to leave the pitch.

Despite this, the former England international admitted that Barcelona were the better team that day and deserved the victory.

He said (via Barca Universal): “I have never felt so embarrassed. I remember that I picked up the ball in a small fight with Busquets. There was little left and they were winning. I took the ball from him, the referee blew the [final] whistle and Sergio told me: You, Vidic, boom, boom boom. Like “long ball, long ball, long ball.”

“I almost laughed. I felt so embarrassed. I had never felt so embarrassed on the pitch. [I told my teammates] let’s get out of this field, damn it. They have embarrassed us.”