Chris Sutton predicts Chelsea vs Aston Villa clash

 Football pundit, Chris Sutton has predicted the outcome of Chelsea’s Premier League clash with Aston Villa.

According to him, Villa will make the most of Chelsea’s woes and beat them on Saturday.

The last time Chelsea and Aston Villa faced each other was in February in the the fourth round of the FA Cup and Mauricio Pochettino’s men emerged victorious.

However, Chelsea are currently looking for form, losing the semifinal of the FA Cup and receiving a 0-5 bashing at the hands of Arsenal.

Sutton predicted that Villa will defeat Chelsea 2-1.

“I just don’t understand how Chelsea can go from pushing Manchester City close in three games this season to the inept level of performance we saw from them against Arsenal on Tuesday.

“Chelsea won at Villa Park in the FA Cup in February, and I am actually expecting a response from them – but Aston Villa will still be too good for them,” he said.