Poch: Chelsea Lack 'Heart and Head' - We're Missing Something

Mauricio Pochettino conceded Chelsea are "missing something" after they failed to defeat 10-man Burnley in what he reflected had been a "must-win" game at Stamford Bridge, which ended disappointingly 2-2 having led twice. 

Cole Palmer's second strike of the afternoon, drilled into the bottom corner from Raheem Sterling's deft flick, looked to have nicked it for the hosts, but Pochettino was left to rue yet another opportunity missed after Dara O'Shea salvaged the visitors an unlikely point three minutes later.

"That is why I'm so upset and disappointed," the Argentine said. "It's more here (in the heart) and here (in the head) than in your legs. It's about being strong like a group, strong like a team.

"We are too slow evolving in this area. That was the key today. The team played well, we had energy. When we have the ball, we go forwards.

"But when we didn't have the ball, we don't have the same energy. Today, sorry, I am not happy with the performance when we don't have the ball.