Ronaldo selfish, Messi team player – Wayne Rooney


Former Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, has labelled Al-Nassr forward Cristiano Ronaldo as ‘selfish’.

According to Rooney, Ronaldo also thinks about goals, while his rival Lionel Messi tries to create goal-scoring chances for others.

In a recent interview, ex-Chelsea winger Eden Hazard said he considers himself to be a better ‘pure footballer’ than Ronaldo.

Rooney has supported Hazard’s statement in a chat with YouTubers Lyes Bouzidi and CultureCams.

He said: “So for instance, Cristiano Ronaldo, his mindset is goals. He doesn’t care about anything else, it’s goals, that’s all he wants. Whereas you look at Messi, he wants to play a bit more.

“I suppose that’s what Hazard is saying, he liked to play – exactly like myself.”