Football mascot 'groped and kissed female reporter' on pitch after late winner

A pitchside reporter has filed a complaint against a mascot for sexual harassment. 


Gisele Kumpel is accusing the club icon of pushing her head and constantly making kissing gestures towards her. 


The incident was alleged to have taken place during Internacional's 3-2 against Gremio on Sunday, February 25. 


Football mascot is accused of s3xual harassment by a female reporter, who claims the man inside

Speaking to GloboEsporte, Gisele accused Saci - the club's mascot - of pushing her head and making a kissing gesture towards her. 


'I was the only woman on that side of the field.' Kumpel said. 'There were other journalists, but he only did that to me.


'He came to my side and hugged me.' She added on the moment Alan Patrick scored a late winner for the Porto Alegre-based outfit. 


'He stayed hugging me. Even with the mask on, he pushed my head and made a gesture of kissing me. I could hear the sound of the kiss and I felt his sweat.'


Internacional confirmed that they have provided police with stadium security images to enable them to investigate the complaint. 

The club have also announced that the employee acting as the mascot on Sunday will be removed while the investigation is carried out. 


'Regarding the registration of an incident related to the figure of the Saci mascot, Sport Club Internacional informs that it sent the images of its internal monitoring circuit to the Police Station in charge of investigating the episode.' The club statement began. 


'We trust that all the facts will be duly clarified with the authority police. Therefore, and pending the prompt resolution of the case, the employee responsible for the mascot and the Club itself will remain at the disposal of the authorities.


'Until the process is completed, the employee will be separated from the representation of Sac