Alan Shearer makes fresh EPL title prediction

 Newcastle United legend, Alan Shearer believes Manchester City still have the edge over Liverpool and Arsenal in the Premier League title race.

Liverpool still lead the way at the top of the Premier League table but Man City are now just a point behind the Reds following their 1-0 victory over Bournemouth on Saturday.

Arsenal followed up that result with an impressive 4-1 win against Newcastle United at the Emirates Stadium.

The Gunners are two points off top spot and Shearer believes Man City’s experience will be the deciding factor in their race with Liverpool and Arsenal, adding that Pep Guardiola’s side are ‘so strong.’

“You are going to be looking at one team who might not get a great result one week and the other and you think that their chance has gone,” Shearer told Premier League Productions.

“But I think the one good thing about City is that they’ve been there. They know there is no panic.

“Even when they’re not playing well in games and because they’ve got that belief in who and what they are and in what they do, and eventually if they keep doing it they know it will work. So there’s no panic from their point of view.

“Whereas we know what is happening to Liverpool at the end of the season with the manager leaving, for that reason they are under a little bit more pressure.

‘”We know what happened to Arsenal last season, so for that reason they are under pressure.

“What happens with City is that because they are so good, because they are so strong, because they are been there, they know how to handle that situation.”