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WWE's Vince McMahon resigns following explosive lawsuit

Vince McMahon has resigned from his position as the Executive Chairman of TKO, the company that owns WWE, just a day after an explosive lawsuit was filed by a former WWE staffer, alleging that he sexually assaulted her on numerous occasions.

The staffer identified as Janel Grant had said she was subjected to degrading sexual acts at the hands of Vince. She alleged that McMahon defecated on her during a threesome in 2020.

Janel said while the situation left her "miserable and enraged," she didn't leave because "in her years of experience with McMahon, she knew her requests to stop would be ignored at best or used to destroy her career and reputation at worst." She said McMahon distanced himself from her in early 2022 after his wife Linda McMahon became aware of their alleged relationship.

She stated that he agreed to pay her $3 million in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement, but she says he failed to pay the full amount.

The 78-year-old old released a statement claiming he's innocent. McMahon also said he would step down because it's the best move for the wrestling promotion he built decades ago.

The statement read;  

"Out of respect for the WWE Universe, the extraordinary TKO business and its board members and shareholders, partners and constituents, and all of the employees and Superstars who helped make WWE into the global leader it is today, I have decided to resign from my executive chairmanship and the TKO board of directors, effective immediately."

Curent WWE president Nick Khan announced the news to his employees late Friday, sending an email to the staffers. 

The email read;  

"[Vince McMahon] has tendered his resignation from his positions as TKO Executive Chairman and on the TKO Board of Directors. He will no longer have a role with TKO Group Holdings or WWE."

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